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Prophetic Words, Visions, Dreams
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JULY 2009

The Mind Of Christ!
July 17th 2009

I feeling in my Spirit that the Lord wants us to focus back on the Mind of Christ! We all being focusing too much on the Spirit which is good, but our minds are becoming unfruitful. The Word says."the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.1 Thessalonians 5:23
We need to read the Word of God more and so that our Minds will become fruitfull. The bible also says

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.Hosea 4:6 (King James Version)

Now bring those 2 elements together and will cause a Supernatural event, in our bodies. Body is term for the natural.

Let us have The Mind of Christ. Christ meaning the Anointing.

What is God doing this hour? Well he is supplying our needs!

July 3rd

On the Night of First Fridays July 3rd. We had a provision miracle! While I was preaching and reading from the book of Deut 28. About the Blessing of Abraham. We had someone who walked in and gave us all at big box full of goodies for StarBucks. He said God told him to come down bring this to us. Pretty cool!

God is supplying are needs. God is our source!!! Amen!

June 2009

What is God doing this hour?


On the Night of our Meeting with John Crowder. We had a supernatural thing that happened! I went to pack up and I stumble to noticed that my guitar stand was melted. Yes My guitar stand was melted in the top. I have pics to show! I showed John Crowder, and some who was with me. They all was amazed. What is God doing!!! He seems to be bring on Fire!!

God Bless Isamu Tanaka


Something new is stirring in the air of the prophetic for 2009

Suddenly God will come California Revival, the Jesus Revolution, becoming a relative church, prophecy, historical revivals, prayer, Social Justice, and Religious Freedom.

JAN 2ND, 2008

I saw A Dam and Jesus was in front of it, then he looked and at me, and looked to the right. I saw a town and there was demons harassing all the people. I felt that their were christian.

Then I looked at Jesus, he looked at me a smiled, he then hit the Dam. The Dam broken and water started to pour out into the town. The water was so strong that it was washing the Demons out. The Demons could not stop this water, like a river coming down in to town, washing away them.

The River is coming to wash away!!!

Vison by I. Tanaka

Feb 2008

I saw a Big Fire buring on a land. Little sparks came out of the big one, cause other fire. Soon there was alot of Fires burning. Hotspot you call them.It soon reach the big one soon , they were burning as one.

Revival is breaking out from the one cause Revivals everywhere.

By I. Tanaka

March 2008

I saw a war going on. There people carrying and help other another. I ask the Lord what this was. He said. These were Christians in battle. The wounded are the one who had the cares of the things in world. The ones who were helping the wounded are the ones who been praying and seeking me all this time.

By I. Tanaka


I saw The Flag of star and stripes, it had dirt, and had spots on it. Then I saw the Lord hand shake the dirt off. Then The flag was clean clean again.


JULY 9TH 2008

July will be trials month by press on.Attacks from the enemy. But Aug 08,2008 will be another outpouring on my Glory.

July 22nd

Fire breaking out in Israel. Like a fire pouring out. Like the days of acts once again.

DEC 1ST 2008

2009 Prophetic - Something new is stirring in the air of the prophetic for 2009; something different; know what it is yet, but something has shifted in the spirit in a major way. There is a presence of excitement that is beyond anything known or seen in the recent past as far as prophetic declarations of a coming year. God is doing something exciting, it won't come without costs, but the costs are minor in comparison.

DEC 15 2008

2009 A year like no other

As mentioned previously, there is a stirring in God’s Kingdom regarding 2009.

While tuning in prophetically had been more challenging in 2008, tonight I heard the Holy Spirit say, will be a year like no other;. This being said with the spiritual excitement and anticipation of the previous prophetic insight in mind.

It almost seems a contradiction to what is being reported on the news, but the things of God our not dependant or manipulated by the media.

Some may read this and think this stirring of excitement and anticipation is about President elect Obama taking the presidency, but this goes ways beyond U.S. politics and beyond the problems of the economy and downfalls that have recently come. This is a God thing.

Normally, he prophetic insights for the new year start becoming more evident around May of the year they are proclaimed over, at least from the perspective of observations of past releases of the prophetic over a year.

JAN 2ND 2009

This Year will be a year of Faith!!! God will cause a suddenly!! Jewels will fall from Heaven. Miracles!! Miracles!! Just wait and see!!, Keep your eyes on Him.
Great things will come!!! Change..


APRIL 2009

This is a time for all the Believers to stay in the boat. Not a time to be wavering. Not a time to have one foot out in the worl and one foot in the The Lord. Not a time to be missing around. It is a time for us to be seeking and hearing and listening to God. Be ready!!!

Prophesied on April 4, 2009 in Seattle, Washington:
Kim Clement

There is a Treasure Chest About to Be Opened Up, and People Will Say, "It is Impossible"
Kim Clement

Prophesied on April 4, 2009 in Seattle, Washington:
Kim Clement

America is on the verge of a change, America is on the doorstep. A brand new door is about to open for this nation—a door we never expected. We are on the verge of something. People have not seen it. Men have cried, men have complained. But God said, "While they are complaining and while there is blindness in the Church and blindness from the people, I am already calling you, 'Come up here, come up here, come up here to a higher place,' and I will show you the things that will take place after this."

"There Will Be a Sign in the Heavens—It is About to Be Born in This Nation"

For the Spirit of the Lord says, "There shall be a sign that I will send to you," says the Spirit, "there will be a sign in the heavens. It will look and it shall be likened unto a woman that is about to give birth, that she is in labor." For God said, "There shall be a sign, for even in the Book of Revelation, even as I said there was a sign in the heavens, so in this nation I shall bring a sign in the heavens. And it shall look as if it is a woman, it shall be as a woman that is in labor and about to give birth," says the Spirit of God, "to a son."

For God said, "There is a birth taking place. And America is suffering the labor pains, America is suffering the last hours before the birth of this child. Did you not know that during your labor, did you not know during your pain that there will be something birthed?" says the Spirit of the Living God. "It's about to be born. It's about to be born for this nation—a move of My Spirit that shall shake the Church, that shall shake the gates of the cities. Listen to the Word of the Lord. It's about to be born and your travail must come to an end," says the Lord!

We've heard all the best and the greatest sermons and knowledge has been divided where men have begun to regurgitate for too much knowledge. The Spirit of God said, "Let the Spirit speak, let the Spirit bring visions. Let the Spirit bring dreams, let the Spirit bring trances, and let them put you in trances that you may see and that you may dream the dreams of God and not have the nightmares of satan." For God said, "There have been too many nightmares and there has been too much fear and this has come from the dispersing that has come from a chest that has been opened up by the powers of hell."...(more)